Accommodation and stay

Our host families are selected by us on the basis of selective quality criteria in order to ensure that our student’s stay is as pleasant as possible.  Many of our host families have been working with us for years and we can confirm that the degree of satisfaction expressed by the students and their parents is excellent.

In summer we offer full year or term courses.  Only one student per host family is accommodated.  This helps to facilitate the student’s integration with the family, exposure to the Irish way of life and accelerates the process of language in a natural way.

Each student is assigned to a family on the basis of our client’s preferences in terms of location, number of children in the household, presence of pets etc.  Most of our families have Wi-Fi that can be available. Three meals per day are included. Individual rooms are provided and all facilities are available for use.

Sundays in Ireland are a family day and students can avail of trips to historical sites and excursions to other cities.  They can also share in the various activities enjoyed by the host family.

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Year or term

The most effective way for your children to learn English perfectly, essential today for their future professional life. It will also be an enriching personal experience, in which you will begin to relate and become independent within your usual routine.

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Summer with activities

The object of our summer courses is to improve and broaden each student’s knowledge of the English Language and assist in the development of student’s character formation in a healthy, pleasant and responsible domestic environment.

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