To send your children to Ireland is the most effective way for them to learn English quickly. This is essential for success in their future studies, careers and professions.  It will also prove to be an enriching personal experience in which they will relate to a foreign culture, help them to become independent in an organised supervised environment.

We design courses in Ireland individually. We provide personal local support and supervision throughout the year.  Our Academy deals with administration, registration, accommodation, and travel arrangements. We also provide advice on course validation.  In addition, students are offered the option of preparing for and undergoing the Cambridge FCE and CAE exams. They may take the test in Ireland, Spain or any other country.

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Year or term

The most effective way for your children to learn English perfectly, essential today for their future professional life. It will also be an enriching personal experience, in which you will begin to relate and become independent within your usual routine.

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Summer with activities

The object of our summer courses is to improve and broaden each student’s knowledge of the English Language and assist in the development of student’s character formation in a healthy, pleasant and responsible domestic environment.  

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Adults and professionals

We can provide all types of courses for adults, professionals and small family groups. We offer attractive programmes designed for enjoyment and exposure to Ireland thereby enhancing the learning experience.  

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Work experience

Ideal for young graduates who seek to expand their knowledge of English and have a first contact with the world of work. We give support and help to find a job to develop a ‘Work Experience’ in Ireland that will allow the student to greatly improve their English command and enrich their curriculum.

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Tailored courses

Ask us for any learning  activity in English of your interest. Surely we can offer you the best program at very competitive prices.

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Schools and groups

We organize intensive courses from 1 week to one month for groups,  schools or institutions, preparing the most appropriate academic and recreational activities plan to make the most of the students’ stay in Ireland. We offer our clients a wide range of alternatives to design the program according to their preferences and needs.

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The objective of our intensive courses is to broaden and improve the English language skills of our students, facilitate the preparation of official exams and, of course, ensure a pleasant stay in a healthy, free and responsible environment, gaining confidence in the use of the language and integrating in an English-speaking environment with the affective and didactic support of our organization.

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