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Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

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The object of our summer courses is to improve and broaden each student’s knowledge of the English Language and assist in the development of student’s character formation in a healthy, pleasant and responsible domestic environment.  

Different course styles can be provided depending on the student’s preference.  We provide English Classes in our centre with various activities and accommodation with Irish Families in their homes (Homestay).

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Supervised Sports Classes

Supervised Sports Classez Athlone


Gaelic Football


Irish Cooking Workshop

Irish Cooking Workshop Ireland

This consists of an introductory class in Traditional Irish Cooking. Students are taught how to prepare typical Midland Dishes.  The objective of this workshop is for students to learn the names of the different ingredients and the traditional culinary techniques associated with Irish Cooking.

Team Survival

Team Survival Athlone

This activity consists of students discovering the Irish Countryside and learning how to set up a shelter/cabin by using immediately available materials collected by themselves, lighting a fire and learning how to prepare food on an open fire without utensils.  The Irish Monitors divide the group into teams so that the activity has a playful, competitive atmosphere.

Radio Workshop

Raldio Workshop Athlone

Our students can attend the local radio station where they are interviewed by the radio presenters.  This is an especially interesting activity designed to further their expression and understanding of English.  

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