Thinking of the future of our girls…

For the past five years we have decided to send our daughters to Ireland with this company in July.  This year they will travel again.  For us, thinking of the future of our girls, we realise how important it is for them to learn English.  From the very first moment the Lakeland Language Centre has inspired our confidence with their professional approach, organisation, interest, and attention to detail in their choice of host families.

For our girls it is a wonderful opportunity and a vital experience which they will take with them forever.  They have learned English in a controlled environment with a variety of activities both cultural and sporting and with a carefully selected host family.

We can only thank Angela, Agus and all the team for the dedication, affection, interest and commitment they have shown our daughters.  They have been left with wonderful memories of their summers in Ireland and they have developed great fluency in their English.

Conchita Garcia y Juan José Escalonilla – Madrid (Spain)

Our fundamental objective was to learn English and we have achieved this…

We are four siblings who for the past several years have gone to Ireland with “Lakeland” during the summer to learn English.  From the very first contact with the company we found them very helpful. We had confidence in their ability, not only in their choice of host families to which we are still closely linked but also with the warmth, interest and attention to detail that the centre provided to us.  Our fundamental objective was to learn English and we have achieved this.  From our point of view, linguistic immersion is the key to learning a language and The Lakeland Language Centre has provided everything necessary for success.  We will always be grateful.

Familia Rubio Enrile – Sevilla (Spain)

This year I repeat the experience…

At first my parents had to insist on my going to Ireland to learn English.  In the end I ended up asking them to send me back every summer.  Now it is customary for me to go.  I have been coming here for the past 7 years for the month of July.  It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Travelling opens many doors and an experience like this not only helps to improve your English but also makes you mature outside your comfort zone.  It also develops your independence and you lose the fear of living in an alien environment.

Ireland is the perfect country for it because of its culture and its proximity to Spain.  You are made feel at home from the very first moment and you quickly become part of the host family.  This year I repeat the experience but from a different perspective, as a monitor.  I wish to help new boys and girls to enjoy the experience as much as I did and to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Inma Del Pozo, Ex Alumna, Monitora – Madrid (Spain)

From the very first moment we felt that we were well advised…

Having my son studying in Ireland for the entire year with The Lakeland Language Centre been one of the best decisions we have made.  From the very first moment we felt that we were well advised and the follow up supervision was very close and professional.  It is a well-run, experienced company that operates in Athlone, which makes things much easier.

Juan Carlos Lozano, Journalist – Madrid (Spain)

An unforgettable experience

An unforgettable experience for my children.  Every year they repeat the experience and have substantially improved their level of English.

Maria Dolores Maso, Lawyer, Gandia.

I found it to be an unforgettable experience.

I found it to be an unforgettable experience. I have made many friends from different places.  I learned a lot of English and felt comfortable in the group.  It is like being a part of a huge family.

Alicia Oňoro Quiňόn, Former Student, Madrid.

I found the experience very good

I have spent every July in Ireland for the past six years.  I found the experience very good and it has provided me with a great opportunity to both learn and improve my English.  It also helped me to become a more mature and independent person capable of living in a foreign country, culture and with a family who I came to know very well.

This year my role is reversed where I am the teacher, no longer the student, using what I have learned and teaching new students, both boys and girls and encouraging them to take part in this adventure.

Patricia Romero González, Ex-student, Group Leader, Madrid.

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